Watch Repair

Watch Maintenance For Beginners


Watches are a lot like cars—they need to be brought into the shop for routine maintenance from time to time. We’d recommend getting your watch serviced every 3 years. If you’re not sure how long it has been since the last time your watch had any work done, there are a couple easy ways to tell if your watch needs some love. 


How To Tell If Your Watch Needs A Tune-Up

It’s Getting Dirtier

The first way is by inspecting it to see if it’s dirty. An accumulation of grit and grime can be an indicator that that the lubricants on the inside of your watch are beginning to break down. Just like a car, sometimes watches need a tune up to stay in tip-top shape.

Its Batteries Aren’t Lasting

The second way that you can be sure that it is, indeed, time to bring your watch in to see the “Watch Doctor” is that its batteries don’t seem to last as they used to. This decrease in battery life is a surefire way to tell that your watch needs a tune-up.  


This maintenance is done with the intention of being preventative. However, even the most diligent watch owners are not immune from accidents. Just like automobiles, fine watches are an investment, and if your watch is seriously damaged, you will need to hire an expert to repair it.


On-Site High-End Watch Repair


At Travis Jewelers, we are experts in the field of watch repair and maintenance. We have a long track record of delivering excellence and extending the lives of fine watches from all over the world. 

Whether your watch is vintage or modern, we are your one-stop-shop for watch maintenance and repair. Every watch is different, and every repair demands a different set of parts. Some watch brands do not make their parts widely available, so we may need to order more parts. We have no control over how long this takes, but we DO have control over the price. We will roll the cost of the repair and the logistical coordination of acquiring the additional part into one cost. 

Most all our repairs are done on-site, so your watch never needs to travel or be handled by additional people unless absolutely necessary. You will be able to rest easy knowing that your watch is being handled by professionals and will never leave our shop until you come to pick it up. 

We can also perform ‘while-you-wait’ battery replacements. We’ll get you back out the door with a rejuvenated watch in no time!  

If your high-end watch has seen better days, don’t risk shoddy work at the hands of amateurs. Bring your watch to Travis Jewelers and have it done right the first time. 


On-Site Dive Watch Repair + Pressure Tests


Dive watches carry with them a whole world of additional complications that need to be handled by professionals. The procedures necessary to perform basic due diligence in dive watch maintenance and repairs simply cannot be performed at home. 


On-Site Pressure Tests

Perhaps the biggest challenge in performing maintenance or repairs on diving watches is the issue of pressurization. Diving watches need to be ready to withstand the crushing water pressure involved in descending to the bottom of the ocean. Preserving this incredible attribute of diving watches takes a knowing hand and some heavy duty equipment. We have both. 

Even routine battery changes require dive watches to undergo a pressure test before they can be declared ‘seaworthy.’ Our team has a wealth of experience changing batteries, as well as every other gasket and seal on diving watches, and our shop is fully equipped with the facilities necessary to perform on-site pressure tests. 

A Reputation For Excellence

Divers from all over the country come to us because they trust us. They know that, when they come to Travis Jewelers, they are in good hands. Our team draws from years of experience dealing with the intricacies of servicing and repairing diving watches. 

And when you visit us, you and your watch will receive that same standard of service, guaranteed. Let’s get you back in the water!