Our Jewelers Bring Your Ideas to Life

Custom Jewelry Creation


At Travis Jewelers, we specialize in jewelry that is 100% custom - you will have complete control and expert help. Our talented team of jewelers will work with you to bring your vision to life and create something that you can be proud of and that is unique to you. In our 50+ years of doing business, we have never made the same piece twice.

When you work with us at Travis Jewelers, you are in good hands; our jewelers draw from years of experience and continuous training and our clients are treated like family. We are one of the oldest and most celebrated custom jewelry makers in Florida and we are proud of our long tradition of artisanal craftsmanship.


How Does Custom Jewelry Creation Work?

In your initial meeting, you will be paired with one of our jewelers based on the type of piece that you want to create. You will then sit down with your jeweler to flesh out your ideas enough to create an interactive 3D model. We’ll even create a physical model for you to see before giving us the final “OK.”

Once we have your final approval, our team will officially begin work on your piece of custom jewelry. Rest assured that each and every one of our team members knows exactly what they are doing. In the past 50 years, we’ve never misplaced a stone, nor have we delivered sub-par product.


How Much Does It Cost?

Every piece we make is as unique as the customers who came up them. Because each piece is the product of your imagination and our craftsmanship, there is no 'set price'. Some materials cost more than others. Not all designs are the same price. All of these things will need to be accounted for before we can give you an accurate number. 

No matter what your budget, we can help you achieve the design you are looking for. No idea is out of reach and just because our pieces are custom made, doesn't mean they have to break the bank. Give us a call today to talk about your budget!

How Long Does It Take?

From start to finish, the custom jewelry process takes 6 to 8 weeks in total. The clock begins once you’ve given us the “go ahead” after reviewing your 3D model. Keep in mind that our production time may vary according to season. If you’re submitting a custom order in the months and weeks leading up to the Christmas season, you should expect our process to take 10 to 12 weeks. 

We can accommodate rush jobs in some cases, subject to an additional fee. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us


What Materials Do We Work With?


We can work with any and every material out there. Our team of jewelers is made up of versatile artisans who have the collective experience to deliver excellence with anything from Titanium to Wood. Of course, each material comes with different trade-offs and financial implications, so we will do our due diligence to help you choose the material that is right for you and your jewelry piece. 


Traditionally, jewelry is made from gold, silver, and platinum, but due to our experience and skill, you are will not be limited to those 3 materials. We can also source and accommodate virtually any type of diamond or gemstone quite easily. However, if you are looking for a non-traditional metal, such as Tungsten, Cobalt, or even Damascus Steel, we can call on our network of industry partners to acquire the metals necessary to meet your specifications. All of our suppliers are rigorously screened on an on-going basis to ensure that Travis Jewelers customers only get the best. 

If you have a particularly unique material in mind, don’t worry! We’d love to talk to you about it.

Keep The Meaning, Change The Look

Often clients come to us with an old piece of jewelry that has significant sentimental value to them. Sometimes this takes the form of their mother’s wedding ring or their grandmother's broach, to name a few examples. These sorts of heirlooms are very important, but may not have quite the aesthetic appeal that you’re looking for. 

At Travis Jewelers, we can create a new piece (or pieces) of jewelry using the materials from the original piece. In this way, you can preserve the meaning of your heirloom, but beautify it with your own ideas. We can work with you to create something special with the materials available. All you have to do is reach out and start the conversation


In Need of Our Services?

If you’re thinking of having custom jewelry work done, we’d encourage you to give us a call! Whatever the occasion, we’d love to talk to you about your needs!