How to Pick the Right Piece

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New to the world of jewelry?   Don’t worry - we’re here to help. 

A beautiful piece of jewelry doesn’t need to break the bank. We can work with any budget and we aren’t afraid to get creative in order to give you the piece you’ve been dreaming of. In doing so, it is important to us that you are fully aware of how this piece is going to fit into your life or the life of your loved one. Some materials and styles are, functionally, better suited for some lifestyles than others. And each jewelry-worthy event comes with its own set of little-known nuances and customs to consider. 

Consider this your crash course. 


How To Pick The Right Piece of Jewelry

We’re going to examine this from 2 different angles event and lifestyle. This guide should help you wrap your head around some of the factors that need to be considered when creating a new piece of jewelry. 

By Event

Anniversary + Vow Renewal

Don’t settle for picking a ring or a piece of jewelry out of a catalog. Give your loved one a piece that is as unique as they are! We can create something completely new, or we can repurpose an older piece to preserve its meaning but revitalize its aesthetics.  

If you need ideas, keep in mind that there are certain materials that correspond to certain anniversaries. For example, 5-year-anniversaries are traditionally marked with jewelry involving Sapphire, whereas 3-year-anniversaries have historically been associated with pearls. 

We’d be happy to walk through the whole list to help you make sure that you mark this milestone in style. 

Bridal + Wedding

Whether you’re the bride or groom-to-be, you are going to have to cross the bridge of buying a ring at some point. Ladies, you will only need to worry about buying him his wedding band, and we can help you with that! He’s going to be wearing it for the rest of his life, so why not put some extra thought into it? Our jewelers can help you create a personalized wedding band that will stand the test of time.

Men, your job is a little more complicated because you need to secure 2 different rings. First comes your engagement ring, which traditionally includes a diamond in some way. Second, to complete the set, comes your wedding band. It is highly advisable that these rings be purchased and coordinated as a set so that you can ensure that everything is done right. 

Our expert jewelers are no strangers to needs and nuances associated with wedding rings, and they have a proven track record of delivering dependable results so that the bride and groom can rest easy in the stressful weeks and months leading up to their wedding. To learn more, just get in touch with us


The birthday of a close friend or loved one deserves a thoughtful, highly-personal expression of your appreciation. But choosing a gift that captures and conveys your love for another human being is not easy. It’s a delicate art, and nobody knows this better than our expert jewelers. 

A custom piece of jewelry does not need to break the bank. In fact, we at Travis Jewelers believe quite the opposite! That is why we work very hard to ensure that our work is 100% cost-flexible. We have a wide variety of differing resources and materials at our disposal to help us create the piece you want for the price you want. Let us help you set a new standard for birthday gifts this year!  

Holidays & More

Custom jewelry is not limited to weddings and anniversaries—far from it! We are constantly creating pieces of jewelry for an ever-growing list of celebrations and events. Recent examples include Christmas, Hanukkah, Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, and more. 

Our talented custom jewelers can actualize pretty much anything that you can imagine, and they are waiting for you to pick up the phone to make an appointment right now! 

By Lifestyle

A great piece of jewelry isn’t just decorative—it must be functionally complementary to the wearer’s lifestyle. 

Who is going to be wearing this piece of jewelry? What factors will make them love this piece? In what kinds of situations is this piece going to be worn? If you’re thinking of buying a ring, what does the wearer do with their hands on a day-to-day basis? 

Part of creating a thoughtful piece of jewelry is addressing these questions. At Travis Jewelers, we are experts in our craft, and we would be happy to talk to you about how certain types of the functionality of jewelry. However, to get you started, here are 3 categories of functionality that we often accommodate. 

Jewelry For Formal + Special Events

We’re talking about engagement rings and right hand rings. We’re talking about that pair of earrings that only gets worn on special occasions. We’re talking about your finest pearl necklace. This is the fine china of jewelry, and serving that purpose comes with a unique set of implications. 

You need to have a solid grasp on the aesthetic sensibilities of the person that will wear this piece of jewelry. Would they like bright, sparkling diamonds? Or would they prefer the classic dignified look of pearls? Whether or not you want them to, each material will make a statement on behalf of the person wearing them. You need to choose your words wisely, and we can help you do this. 

Jewelry For Everyday Use

The poster child for jewelry that receives everyday use is the wedding band. However, we have also made a good deal of pendants, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that have been specifically designed to endure daily wear and tear as well. 

Pieces of jewelry that are going to be worn on a daily basis need to be understated, and unobtrusive, without compromising on beauty. However, the most important quality is sturdiness. If you know that your piece of jewelry is going to be worn every day, we will need to make sure that we construct it in such a way that it will be able to go the distance. 

To learn about what types of materials lend themselves to durability and how we can leverage those materials to deliver the look that you want, don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

Jewelry That Works As Hard As You Do

“Everyday Use” doesn’t mean the same thing for all of us. Some jobs are more physically demanding than others. These jobs may put finely-crafted pieces of jewelry in harm’s way. Other jobs have sets of jewelry-specific limitations that need to be taken into consideration. For example, doctors and nurses who wear rings with stones in them often benefit from having their stones cut in a particular way so that they can wear these rings without ripping through their gloves. 

These kinds of jobs make purchasing jewelry difficult, but we are here to help. We are used to working within narrow stipulations in order to create something beautiful. In fact, in the 50+ years that we have been operating, we have gotten extremely good at it. We’d be happy to talk to you about how best to create the piece that you have been dreaming of.